Deep Learning Accelerating Card SC1

Deep Learning Acceleration Card

One BM1680 integrated, New experience for deep learning accelerating.

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While Sophon SC1 features numerous functions to support multiple application scenarios, due to the large number of design-in customers, we may not have the resources to provide additional technical support for standard features beyond those we announce. Please purchase with caution. Please stay tuned for new and upcoming features!

Outstanding Performance by Superior Design

High Speed SRAM size is 32MB

Integrated one BM1680 chips

Completely optimized for CNN

Deep Learning Inference Performance

SC1/SC1+ can support several deep learning frameworks like Caffe and Darknet. Also Support AlexNet, Googlenet. VGG. ResNet, Yolo, Yolo2..etc

SC1 performance

Software Support

We provide application APIs to users. They can easily get more efficient acceleration.

SC1 software