Intelligent Terminal KK3D-MK1

KK3D-MK1 is a multifunctional intelligent identification terminal with high performance and reliability. It is equipped with the first data protection and identification mode in the industry with rapid identification, high accuracy, offline 3D identification (1: N), card swiping and video call so as to achieve personnel ID verification, access verification, personnel entry and exit management and attendance management. KK3D-MK1 can be installed on walls, gates, grounds and other places and is widely applied in office buildings, parks, enterprises, schools, scenic spots and exhibition halls.

3D ID Identification

The first high-precision privacy protection encrypted ID identification patent for high security, strong anti-counterfeiting and ID data protection

Local 10,000-level face database

Support local registration and offline recognition

Support Video Intercom

One-click call management background and security center

Support Identity and Attribute Recognition

Applied media precision marketing and intelligent retail

Accurate recognition in milliseconds

≤0.3 seconds to complete the recognition, the recognition accuracy rate>99.9%

Perfect background management system

Personnel, equipment-related management, entry and exit attendance event records

Flexible expansion and docking

Rich API interface to connect to external systems

Support height recognition

1% measurement error within 2 meters


Park and office building traffic system

Residential land output and access control

Media precision marketing analysis

Smart Retail-Member Payment System

Building access control and attendance system

Hotel check-in and rental guest management

Performance Parameter

Product Features

3D identity Identification Intelligent Terminal KK3D-MK1

Core architecture

4 core 64-bit ARMV8 CPU; 2 core 32-bit low power DSP; built-in 3D image processor


operating system

Android 10

Display touch screen

7 inches, resolution 1280 * 800


3D camera optimal accuracy is 0.2%; farthest distance 4 meters

FOV: H64.0 ㆍ V50.1

The internet

Ethernet 10 / 100MBPS

Wi-Fi Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 B / g / N 2.4G

Support external 4G / 5G mobile network; support LTE CAT3

Read card type support

Support ID / IC / CPU / ID / MIFARER / DESFIRE Card Reader (Optional)

Identify distance

It can be up to 2 meters according to the recognition mode; the height is 148cm-190cm from 1 meter away.

Identity comparison time

1: N identity comparison, recognition speed ≤0.3 seconds/person

Identity capacity

20000 groups of identities, support background recognition to millions of identity databases


Record for 30 consecutive days, background can be recorded in the future

Recognition function

Support back-end server recognition to millions of identity databases

Support docking card readers, temperature sensors

Support local registration and offline recognition

Anti-counterfeit living body

Bank Card Inspection Center (BCTC) Enhanced Living Body

Defense against attacks from images, videos, masks and stereoscopic head models

Pass function

Identity recognition, card swiping, remote door opening, video intercom, dynamic password


Access records, abnormal records, quick access to location and time, body temperature, card number information

Support event recording

Platform application

Group management, event query, user and attendance docking, visitor management, blacklist identification, in and out record export

Mobile App

Access exception notification, visitor registration and management, remote management of user and device settings

Physical interface

RJ45*1, Wiegand*1, USB 2.0*1, access control (relay, 12V pulse to open the door, grounding to open the door)

physical interface GPIO*3 (door sensor, door open button, fire alarm input), RS485*1


Built-in speaker, 2W


Support voice input

Equipment power supply

DC 12V/3A

Operating environment and protection level

Working temperature -10 ° C ~ 55 ° C, working humidity <90% (-35 ° C ~ 55 ° C anti-low temperature optional)

waterproof and dust-proof IP65

Lightning protection ≥ 2000V

explosion-proof level IK05

About Company

About KUKE

KUKE Intelligence focuses on 3D cameras, 3D image processing, 3D algorithms and one-stop 3D vision solutions, and is committed to creating 3D interactive recognition applications for humans, machines and objects. The core team comes from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Transportation, National Taiwan University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other well-known schools at home and abroad, and is headed by a world-renowned 3D algorithm authority. It actively participates in the promotion of digital digital identity verification ecology, integrating biometric technology and computer vision. Technology, IoT perception technology, and identity verification software platform are integrated into the solution, and it is continuously deepened in the field of vision and other fields to help a reliable, convenient, safe andefficient intelligent future.