​AI chip company, BITMAIN, is officially joining and embracing ONNX AI software ecosystem

BITMAIN, founded in 2013, was best known for its massive success in the digital currency. In 2017, BITMAIN launched its AI solution, Sophon, and the first AI chip, BM1680, and started to sell into the market. BITMAIN is committed to providing the most powerful and energy efficient AI solutions to the market. For the customers to unleash the power of Sophon with minimal development work, BITMAIN is implementing the inference platform to support all ONNX models for all Sophon solutions.

“The AI market is huge, and we have to be agile to serve it. Not only do we need to design the chip, but also provide an easy-to-use platform for customers and developers to adopt our products in no time,” said Micree Zhan, CEO of BITMAIN. “We believe the cooperation with ONNX can greatly help us achieve this goal because of its wide outreach to the developers and the support of almost all the major deep learning frameworks. Going forward, we will make sure all Sophon products would support ONNX.”


Founded in 2013, BITMAIN is committed to providing high-speed and low-power customized supercomputing chips, high-performance and high-density computing servers, as well as large-scale parallel computing software and cloud services. BITMAIN has successfully achieved the mass production of billions of chips with the design experiences in the most advanced 7nm process. BITMAIN has a young, dynamic, and talented team with a group of leading global IC design experts. BITMAIN is headquartered in Beijing, China.