Bitmain Group Acquires Assets of Luobotec to Advance AI

On December 1, the leading artificial intelligence (AI) chip maker Bitmain Group announced the asset acquisition of the smart robot developer Beijing Luobo Technology (Luobotec), creator of the “new species” robotic product line.

Bitmain is a high-tech company focusing on the design, research, and development of high performance, low power consumption, customized silicon chips. As the wave of AI advances, Bitmain continuously expanded its AI hardware and software product lines with the early November launch of its first tensor accelerating processor Sophon BM1680, the first Tensor accelerating chip succeeding Google’s TPU. AI Solutions based on Sophon BM1680, including accelerator cards Sophon SC1/SC1+ and intelligent video analysis server Sophon SS1, have begun mass production; the facial recognition system built on Sophon SS1 server has started getting orders from the worldwide customers.


(Photo: Bitmain’s Sophon BM1680 TPU)

Luobotec, founded in 2014, is an AI company integrating internet, children’s education, and robots. To date, the company has launched two early education robots which ignite children’s passion for learning through interactive motions and speech using Luobotec’s own-developed natural language processing technology. Luobotec products have won several industry prizes and the company was selected by China Internet Weekly as one of China’s Top 100 AI companies.

Former Luobotec CEO and the current head of Bitmain’s robotics unit Hu Yong says that with the development of AI technology, smart robot products have vast market prospects. Luobotec has three-year experience of the steady exploration, accumulates rich knowledge in creating smart robots, and takes an early foothold in the market. With Bitmain’s technical, financial, and marketing support, Luobotec is looking forward to bursting forth once again with the “new species” product series.


(Photo: LB02X Children’s Educational Robot)

After the acquisition, Bitmain Group will increase the R&D investment in the robot product line, according to Bitmain CEO Micree Zhan. With Bitmain’s Sophon processors and AI algorithms, the “New Species” series of smart robot products will have richer and more powerful functions.