Working Environment

Company Benefits

Health Benefits

  • Double medical insurance: "basic + supplementary" medical treatment is more convenient
  • Medical kit: sufficient standing medicines to accompany you to worry-free work

Vacation Time

  • No punch card, no attendance, flexible time as you control, enjoy the sunshine beach life at any time

Tongue Welfare

  • Free breakfast + late night cafeteria + meal supplement:I will protect your belly,I'll take your order
  • Afternoon tea gas station: lychee watermelon dragon fruit, sweet orange water honey cherries see you every day

Happy Life

  • Fancy Entertainment: variety of activities you choose, wonderful life month after month
  • Group travel: travel around, just leave
  • Special gift packages: warm heart gift packages, birthday surprises, sudden red envelope rain to accompany you through every important moment

Career Development

Global Job Opportunities

The company is headquartered in Haidian District, Beijing, and has R & D centers in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States and other places. Overseas job opportunities are promising.

Flexible transfer mechanism

We have a perfect internal talent market and encourage employees to continuously improve and challenge themselves.

Multiple development channels

We have multiple career development and promotion channels to help you achieve a better self.

Our goal is to attract and retain the best talents in the world

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