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Sophgo has inherited the technologies, patents, products and customers that Bitmain has accumulated in the AI field for many years, with the vision of becoming the world's leading provider of general computing power and the mission of intelligent computing to empower the digital world. Sophgo focus
on the research and development and sales of artificial intelligence chips, RISC-V instruction set high-performance CPU servers and related products.

Sophon portfolio of artificial intelligence products include smart computing chips, smart computing servers, smart computing cards, smart computing
boxes, smart computing modules, etc. the rich product formats provide an efficient computing platform for large data centers.

Sophgo has the world's leading advanced process design capability, and has successfully mass produced cloud and edge AI chips and large-scale commercial applications.


Smart computing empowers the digital world


Become the world's leading provider of general computing power

Focus on products. Satisfy the growing demand for dedicated computing

With the explosive growth of data and computing demand, computing applications in different fields urgently need matching super performance and low energy consumption infrastructure support. Sophgo's top technical team creates a matrix of intelligent computing products on demand. Through the optimal design of core components such as hardware, acceleration library and node communication, it meets the computing needs of various bubbling specific fields such as AI, cloud computing, big data and short video, and provides services for intelligent video, intelligent security, intelligent transportation, intelligent power, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent oil and gas, intelligent semantics Intelligent recommendation, urban brain and other scenarios are widely enabled.

Open ecology empowers the development of digital economy

Sophgo focuses on risc-v high-performance core industries, provides high-performance servers and overall cloud service solutions, and works closely with partner manufacturers in operating systems, applications, algorithms, compilers and product hardware to build an open risc-v high-performance computing ecosystem and enable the development of digital economy.

Gather first-class talents to build an innovative enterprise with leading technology

Sophgo has R & D centers in many cities across the country. The company has gathered a large number of professional and technical talents in the fields of chips, algorithms, AI, CPU and so on. The proportion of R & D personnel is more than 60%, of which the proportion of master and doctor is more than 61%. At Sophgo, you will have the opportunity to swim in the technology ocean of advanced computing architecture. You can collide ideas with the world's top talents, and you will feel an open, inclusive, creative and dynamic working atmosphere.

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